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About Geo Point Surveyors

Geo Point Surveyors is an established and progressive land surveying company aimed at providing quality expert advice and efficient surveying services to our clients.


Our professional Surveyors are well renowned throughout the Sydney area. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We have been providing an array of surveying services to the construction, land development and residential building industries in both the private and public sectors for over fifteen years.


Our professionally qualified staff of Registered Surveyors and field crews offer an innovative approach to surveying and strive to maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our business. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. 


All our field staff are certified by WorkCover Occupational Health and Safety for the Construction Industry and are updated on a regular basis on current OHS requirements. Our survey parties often work outside normal working hours, if required by the Client, or to meet essential time constraints.

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Geo Point Surveyors Areas of Service

Meeting Your Needs

Detail & Contour Surveys

Used to Identify and map the contours and features within, and surrounding a parcel of land.

A Detail & Level Survey is completed for design and assessment purposes and is typically required for a Council Development Application.

It is often requested by Architects or Designers before they commence their design process for new builds or renovations because it provides them with information important to the planning and design process.

The information shown on this type of survey includes but is not limited to features such as the levels of the land, the location of features such as trees, rock ledges, adjoining buildings and other improvements on the land.

Boundary Surveys

Geo Point Surveyors has extensive experience dealing with boundary surveys. A Boundary Survey determines the property boundaries described in a deed.

It will also show the extent of any easements or encroachments.


A survey is strongly recommended prior to purchasing, subdividing, improving or building on a parcel of land to ensure that potential disputes can be avoided.

We specialise in all types of boundary surveys including:

Boundary Set outs for fencing or

Construction Subdivisions Consolidation of lots Rural Boundaries.

Identification Surveys

An Identification Survey identifies the location of buildings and other improvements within a lot in relation to boundaries.

The Survey is recommended prior to purchasing any property to help protect against any potential disputes that may arise.

Further, an Identification survey will check on any existing easement, covenant or restrictions on the use of land.

Generally, the report consists of distances of walls, eves and gutter, from the boundaries of the property and if any encroachment onto adjoining properties exist.

Subdivision & Consolidation Surveys

There are a number of subdivisions on your land that can be performed depending on your intention. At Geo Point Surveyors our professional team of registered surveyors will consult with you on your next move!


Some types of sub-division include:

  • Two Lot Subdivision

  • Multi Lot Subdivision

  • Strata Subdivisions for Duplex, apartment buildings and townhouses

  • Boundary Redefinition

  • Community Title

Consolidation Surveys are the opposite of a subdivision survey. These types of surveys consolidate two or more lots into one.

Building Set Out

Geo Point Surveyors have over 20 years of combined experience in building set out whether it is a residential building, civil or industrial project, or a large commercial building requiring set out for construction.


We have the expertise and use the latest technology to ensure that you’re set out is accurately positioned to meet architectural design and approved boundary setbacks.


Dependent on client instruction and project requirements, further survey checks such as position and height of formwork, as well as further set out works would be undertaken as the project progresses, ensuring quality assurance at each stage of the building works.

Work As Executed Plans

Work as Executed Plans are plans comparing approved design to actual construction.


Our team of Registered Surveyors are experts when it comes to the survey and completion of Work as Executed Plans, which are usually required by Council or any other certifying principal authority, prior to the issue of a compliance certificate.

Construction & Engineering Surveys

From residential to civil and commercial projects, Geo Point Surveyors provide a comprehensive range of construction and engineering surveys to meet the needs of your project.


Geo Point Surveyors has over 15 years of combined rail experience servicing some of Sydney’s most prestigious rail projects. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Set out of all building and infrastructure works, grids, slab, formwork pre pour and post pour checks,

  • Survey for both Horizontal and Vertical Control

  • Monitoring Surveys

  • Bulk Earthwork and Volume Calculations

  • Civil Road Set out

Railway turn out set out and monitoring, rail alignment, railway monitoring and overhead wiring footing set out. All aspects of rail surveying on both green field and brown field sites.


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